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New Freedom House - Arizona Sober Living That Works

Did you think you knew everything about sober living in Arizona? Think again. New Freedom is different from other Arizona halfway houses. Our success in helping young men recover from alcoholism and drug addiction can be attributed to our approach to recovery. Here at New Freedom we realize that most Arizona sober living facilities can help you or your loved one get treatment. But getting sober and staying sober are two very different things. At New Freedom men's sober living, we not only help you or your loved one get sober we also teach residents how to stay sober in a real world setting. It is common to see people go through treatment only to relapse, or struggle to be happy, within weeks of leaving. This happens over and over and the reason is that most places confine residents to their safe "bubble".


New Freedom is the finest sober living Prescott provides, and our graduates will tell you that completing our program you will not only enjoy living a clean and sober life, you will thrive in doing so. This is because our residents are required to take responsibility for their recovery; they are to work and pay their own way through sober living. They will be safely placed into everyday life situations allowing them to experience life while having the support of the house behind them. This has been time proven to be effective; many young men have completed our sober living program right here in AZ, and live successful happy lives with years of sobriety under their belt.



We Offer An Outstanding Men's Sober Living Program to Help You Stay Sober

houseNew Freedom offers a program designed to maximize the probability of long term sobriety for our residents. New Freedom works with an Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Program in addition to our sober living program. IOP services are offered through a reputable Arizona State Licensed Facility located in the local Prescott area. We have found that residents who regularly attend a therapy program do better in sober living communities. Costs of an IOP program are typically covered by your health insurance; please call us for more information.


Attendance in the IOP program is typically between 3 to 6 months in length, which runs concurrent with New Freedom's sober living program. Total time residents stay with New Freedom is no less than 6 months. Many residents feel as though 6 months is a long time to be living in a recovery community; however statistics show that those who stay for 28 day or even 90 day programs are at a much higher risk for relapse than those who attend extended sober living programs.


The reason New Freedom requires a 6 month commitment is simple, recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction is not easy and needs to be taken seriously. It requires discipline, willingness, and surrender in order to recover. Many of us have been through various men's halfway house programs where we could negotiate our recovery and we relapsed time and time again. It has been proven that New Freedom graduates stay sober.


Serious Recovery in a Beautiful Arizona Setting

We require adherence to the New Freedom standards. We do not negotiate our standards. New Freedom rules are just that, rules. Although we take recovery very seriously we like to play as hard as we work. This isn't your typical Halfway House in Arizona.


New Freedom strongly encourages our residents to get out there, live life, and have fun. AA related events and conventions take place all around the world and we want our residents there to experience what being young in sobriety is all about. Some of our common annual trips include California and even Rocky Point Mexico. We absolutely insist on having fun.


Get out of the city and learn about how great life is at New Freedom! We are located about 45 minutes North of Phoenix, AZ and about 2 hours North of Tucson. Visit our facility today and discover why we are better than any halfway house in Arizona.


If you are ready to start a new life, one with serenity and purpose beyond your imagination, then the New Freedom sober living house in Prescott, AZ may be the place for you. If so, we welcome you!






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